February 11, 2021 School Site Council

School Site Council February 11 Minutes

Attendees: Dr CopelandTeachers: Jillian Geraghty, Karen Perakis, Meaghan Bernazanni, Eleanor WyantParents: Christian Dibble, Tracey Triplett, Erika Perez, Meredith Sandiford, Morgan Hayward, Seth Kroll, Shannon McManus, Sean GreenhalghDate: Thursday, February 11th, 2021Time: 4:00-5:00 
Norms:   Agreements on how we operate in this spacea. Assume positive intentions, Acknowledge Impact –  Using an equity lens in our work, understand we are all learning together, be mindful of how decisions here impact our students and communityb. Listen to understand – Can be hard to pick up on body language and in person cues virtually, remain present in the spacec. Respect Scheduling & Other’s Time – Acknowledge people’s schedules, stay on the agendad. Introduce Yourself – Open meeting so we will not all know each othere. Respect Wait Time – Give yourself and others the time to process
4:00-4:10 Dr. Copeland  
4:10-4:40Updating By-Laws Ms. Triplett
4:40-4:55Working GroupsMs. Triplett
4:55-5:00Next Level of WorkEveryone

–   Updates:

–   2 Community Meetings coming up to discuss Hybrid Learning (interpretation will be there)

–   Wednesday 2/24 @7pm; Open to all,  k0-3rd Focus (Cohort A)

–   Wednesday 3/3 @7pm; Open to all, 4th-5th Focus (Cohort B)

–   Task Force for Reopening will be presenting at both meetings

–   Mr. Coburn

–   Nurse Beth

–   Mr. Vega

–   2 Parent Representatives

–   Ms. Tori; School Social Worker

–   Ms. Moody

–   45 students currently qualify as High Need students

–   96 Students are part of Cohort A (March Start)

–   78 Students are part of Cohort B ( March Start)

–   133 Students staying remote the entire Year

–   Partnering with the Hennigan and 2 early education centers to support teacher Covid testing

–   Boston Firefighters Union working to vaccinate Teachers

–   Waiting for approval from Gov. Baker, if granted teachers can be vaccinated starting with the 65 year old age group

–   2 Air Filters were purchased with donations from Parent Community

–   Deep Clean Day next week

–   Teachers have option to be supplied PPE gear, can request through the school nurse

–   Teachers are working to make sure in-person learners are getting screen time breaks

–   Utilizing 2 adults per classroom to ensure that both in-person and remote learners are getting what they need instruction wise

–   Have ~6 months worth of cleaning supplies, will be recommending students wear 2 masks

–   Playworks Update: Playworks Coach looking to continue working remote, creating challenges with recess support.

–   Cradles to Crayons donated winter gear for students who need extra layers for recess

–   6th Grade Addition Update: Not going to happen SY22, but on the table for SY23

–   Updating By-Laws: Postponed to next meeting due to lack of time

–   Working Groups: Choose sub-committees to support our work/school, Personnel committee for hiring

–   Most Recent Working Groups

–   Grant Writing: Applying for small/targeted grants that make sense for our school, received $10,000 Edvestor grant, Have gotten every grant we have applied for. Have also gotten chromebooks, piano keyboards, etc. Discussed focusing on improving outdoor space in future (with fundraising)

–   Fund Raising: Various fundraising efforts to raise school funds, have hosted performances, movie nights, JFK School merch sales, hope to partner with local businesses in the future

–   Parent Engagement/6th Grade Advocacy: Addition of a 6th grade less of a focus during covid (hard to bring in more students), Focus on engaging more parents in the community, events to bring in more families

–   Potential Subcommittee ideas:

–   Moving Forward with post-covid learning

–   What does community look like post-covid

–   Continuing our Anti-Racism work

–   Next Level of Work: selecting working groups/exploring topics, meeting with SSC Engagement Coach to discuss By-Laws