Together we strive to promote our Core Values of Respect, Effort, Accountability, Consideration, and Honesty (REACH).

What Makes Our School Special?

The John F. Kennedy School (JFK) Community includes a dedicated staff, supportive families, and motivated students.

The JFK offers K0-5 Regular Education, Special Needs, and Shelter English Immersion (SEI). Our curriculum supports strong literacy and math skills.

J.F.K – Our Vision

Establish continuous integration of three core components: quality instruction, data-driven decision making, and deep partnerships with families and community agencies to ensure that students receive the time, rigorous instruction, and social-emotional support needed to achieve proficiency.

Maintain quality instruction that is continuously assessed and refined, is supported by professional development, uses state of the art technology, and makes adjustments to curriculum. In so doing, JFK will maintain a cadre of highly qualified staff equipped to deliver best practices when addressing the unique needs of JFK’s culturally-diverse student body.

Create a data-driven decision making environment which provides timely and accurate data allowing staff to tailor instruction at the individual, small group and whole class level.

Develop deep partnerships with families and community agencies with the dual role of complementing school efforts and ensuring that what is learned at school is exercised at home and throughout the community.

J.F.K. – Our Mission

John F. Kennedy School aspires to prepare its students to meet the high demands of 21st Century standards. Thus, John F. Kennedy students will be sociable, creative thinkers, skilled problem solvers, effective communicators, and technology-versed. They will be Active, Confident, Disciplined, Respectful, Kind, and Honest – they will be the best they can be!