In attendance:

  • Seth Kroll
  • Meredith Sandiford
  • Shannon McManus
  • Morgan hayward
  • Jenna Figuiredo
  • Krista Magnuson
  • David Juralwewicz
  • Amy Gusefski
  • Jen Douglas
  • Nadine Desharnais
  • Sarah Horsley
  • Sherry Tyrance
  • Wanya Huang
  • Tanya Geha

Shannon McManus reviewed the meeting norms:

  • Listening respectfully
  • Oir con respeto
  • Everyone who wants to has a chance to participate – there is room for everyone to speak
  • Todos pueden participar, todos pueden hablar
  • This is a place for parents to share concerns in an open environment
  • Este es el lugar donde todos los padres pueden compartir cualquier preocupación en un ambiente abierto
  • If you have an issue, this is a place to get support at the school level
  • Este es el lugar donde pueden recibir ayuda sobre asuntos y problemas escolar
  • Assume good intentions
  • Supongan buenas intenciones


Everyone introduced themselves and said one burning question about reopening: (full list on slides)

  • What is the spacing going to be like?
  • What are the new clearing protocols going to be like now that we don’t have the Wednesday deep clean?
  • When you look at the list of symptoms that are supposed to keep kids home, how much parents are going to be able to deal with that on a daily basis?
  • Will the Y be allowed back in to do after school care?
  • Pooled testing – will there be another push, reminder, discussion etc to try to get more people opted in.
  • For the people who are remote – what can be done to ease the burden for the teachers and/or to support families who might be one or two in the class staying remote.
  • Will uniforms be necessary?
    • Parents are not wanting to buy new clothes this late in the year?
  • Questions about what the fall will look like?
  • How many kids are there staying remote? Will there be teachers doing all remote etc
  • What will attendance be like? We they really be absent if logging in from home

SSC Update from Tracy Triplet

hopefully a discussion about changing bylaws will happen: changing from 3 year terms to 2 years. Process is that it will be presented. Teachers will go and vote and SPC will vote on it at the next meeting.

Breakout Room discussions:

What ideas do you have to celebrate and
show our appreciation for JFK teachers?

Que ideas tienen para celebra y enseñarles nuestro aprecio a las maestros y maestras de JFK?

(See slides for discussions)

Action Items:

Two groups formed, please email to join either group:

Gifts: A group of parents will using Parent Council funds to put together physical gifts for all teachers and staff

Art: A group of parents will be organizing a group art project around the school for Teacher Appreciation