December 10, 2020 JFK School Site Council Minutes

Attendees: Teachers: Dr. Copeland, Karen Perakis, Jillian Geraghty, Patrick Donovan, Eleanor Wyant, Zachary McCarthy Parents: Tracy Tripplett, Morgan Hayward, Seth Kroll, Shannon McManus, Meredith Sandiford Interpreter: Erika PérezDate: Thursday, December 10th, 2020  
Meeting Objectives: Develop norms and set meeting dates and timeProvide an update on the work at the school levelDevelop agenda for our next meeting
4:00-4:05WelcomeDr. Copeland
4:05-4:10Introduction    Ms. Tracy Triplett
4:10-4:30School Level UpdateDr. Copeland
4:30-4:40Parent Council UpdateMs. Triplett
4:40-4:50Norms Meeting DatesDr. Copeland
4:50-5:00Next Level of Work     


  1. School Level Update
    1. We have 357 Students, decline in students from Sep to Oct
      1. Happening across BPS,
    1. Only 1 part time teacher who is on leave
    1. Have hosted 3 School Previews, 15-20 parents have attended each time
      1. Able to speak with parents about what is going on at JFK, what PD teachers are getting, ways to support families with ELLs
    1. Having a whole school engagement every Wednesday
      1. Hosting Town Halls, virtual field trips, assemblies and shows
    1. 38 BPS schools will be having some students return to in person classes
      1. Students with priority needs (Ells, Students with Autism, etc.)
    1. BPS is currently collecting data on hepa filters
    1. New school social worker, Ms. Torie
    1. New school nurse,
    1. Families have been making donations to the JFK
      1. Asking families to donate gift cards if they want to donate
      1. Able to provide support to families who are currently displaced
    1. Incorporating Anti-Racism work into monthly PD meetings
      1. Teachers are doing group reads (texts focused on affirming our black and brown students)  and meeting in affinity groups to discuss
  2. Parent Council Update
    1. Update from meeting last night (12/09)
      1. Set goal of diversifying parents who are attending meetings, leadership that represents the school
      1. Working to make sure interpreters are available at each meeting to make meetings more accessible
      1. Making them later to accomodate more schedules
      1. Discussing what types of virtual engagement opportunities are out there
      1. Have not yet elected new officers, focus is on broadening participation
      1. Will be posting the dates for the rest of the year’s meeting on the school website
      1. Created survey that parents can fill out to name when works best for them

*Parents may look into changing the 3 year term bylaw that goes into being on the SSC to make it more accessible.

  • Norms – Agreements on how we operate in this space
    • Assume positive intentions, Acknowledge Impact –  Using an equity lens in our work, understand we are all learning together, be mindful of how decisions here impact our students and community
    • Listen to understand – Can be hard to pick up on body language and in person cues virtually, remain present in the space
    • Respect Scheduling & Other’s Time – Acknowledge people’s schedules, stay on the agenda
    • Introduce Yourself – Open meeting so we will not all know each other
    • Respect Wait Time – Give yourself and others the time to process

*Will revisit the minutes to adjust final norms/wording*       

  • Meeting Dates
    •  Thurs – 1/14 @ 4pm
    • Thurs – 2/11 @ 4pm
    • Thurs –  3/11 @ 4pm
    • Thurs – 4/8 @ 4pm
    • Thurs – 5/13 @ 4pm
    • Thurs – 6/10 @ 4pm
  • Next Level of Work
    • Review the minutes
    • Dr. Copeland will send out Zoom links
    • Budget Updates
    • Assessments Update (MCAS/Access/In-house Assessments)
    • Updates on Reopening (if applicable)