JFK School Family Council Meeting Minutes
December 13, 2022
5:30pm, JFK Teacher’s Room


Morgan Hayward
Michelle Juralewicz
Krista Magnuson
Megan McManaman
Bond Hsu
Jason Lewis
Jessica Bizzle
Cindy Shyr
Jen Douglas
Alison Moses
David Moses
Erica Depina
Chitra Gopalam
Amanda Preston-Sicari
Jennie McDonald-Brown

Welcome and ice breaker (story behind your first names) – Amanda

Jennie kicks off meeting

School Updates and Info Sharing

  • Site Council – Alison
    • Background of sire council and meeting times
    • School still grappling with passing of Mr. B. May commemorate him in another way in spring concert
    • Ms. Danielle has taken over music class
    • Lots of partnerships – yoga, running club, Hyde Square Task force, woodworking in spring
    • Copeland strategy: hiring new specialists and paras, making sure well-staffed, folks who can cover a range of spots if another teacher is absent
    • Ms. Bellamy’s mother passed away
    • Enrollment up to 380
    • 5th and 6th grade recess at same time, will change next year
    • January meeting – will review budget, vote on discretionary funds
    • AC units coming before end of school year
    • New playground – Dr. C speaking with Superintendent
  • Citywide Parent Council – Chitra
    • Open position for JFK SFC Citywide rep
    • Equity in assignments: school previews have begun
    • Boston Saves – need a JFK ambassador
  • BPS Families for Covid Safety update – Krista
    • Hoping for temporary masking ans testing period around the holidays
    • Not just Covid – RSV, flu, etc.
    • Press conference tomorrow outside BPS headquarters, letter writing tool sends to Skipper, Wu, etc.
    • Had conversation with BPS leadership prior to Thanksgiving, but they did not enact extra safety measures
    • More info on FB and Twitter pages

Open Discussion Items

  • Meeting times – sticker board to indicate best times
  • School Pictures: Dr. Copeland actively working to schedule for spring
  • What is school policy for teacher appreciation during holiday season? No official school policy, technically $50 limit
  • February vacation camps? Bring resources to next meeting, to help share with school community. Jennie – looking into getting more camperships from the Y. Initiative to share resources for vacation and summer camp.
  • Upcoming Family Council events?
  • Jen Douglas – Engagement and Representation Sub-committee needs more members. Spring events (dance party, literacy night); surveying families


  • Amanda Preston-Sicari
  • Jennie Brown