JFK School Site Council Minutes – March 11, 2021

Attendees: Dr Copeland Teachers: Jillian Geraghty, Karen Perakis, Eleanor Wyant, Beth Staunton, Megan Bernazzani Parents: Tracy Triplett, Seth Kroll, Morgan Hayward, Meredith Sandiford, Sean Greenhalgh, Shanon McmanusDate: Thursday, March 11th, 2021 Time: 4:00-5:00  
 Norms:   Agreements on how we operate in this space Assume positive intentions, Acknowledge Impact –  Using an equity lens in our work, understand we are all learning together, be mindful of how decisions here impact our students and community Listen to understand – Can be hard to pick up on body language and in personal cues virtually, remain present in the spaceRespect Scheduling & Other’s Time – Acknowledge people’s schedules, stay on the agendaIntroduce Yourself – Open meeting so we will not all know each otherRespect Wait Time – Give yourself and others the time to process
4:00-4:10Review Norms Review/ Approve Minutes from Last Meeting   School Level UpdateDr. Copeland       Nurse Beth
4:10-4:15Forming Sub-Committee for HiringDr. Copeland
4:15-4:55By-LawsMs. Triplett
4:55-5:00 Next Level of WorkEveryone

Meeting Notes


  1. School Level Update
    1. An email should be coming out from the Health Commissioner on Monday 3/15 providing additional updates on state guidelines and asking if parents want to be in person or virtual when schools reopen to 5 days
      1. Dr. Copeland and Teachers will support parents in getting that information
      1. Please reach out to the school with any questions
    1. Pooled Covid Testing at the JFK w/ Nurse Beth
      1. The district sent out information regarding pooled testing and consent forms for parents, it seems some families haven’t received them. Get in contact with Nurse Beth if you would like more information
      1. Only students with consent forms will be tested
      1. This is surveillance testing for asymptomatic students, please review the home health check before sending students to school
      1. Testing will be a nasal swab (not the “brain swab”) and just takes a sample from their nostril
      1. Grades 2-5 will self swab unless they need/want help
      1. Grades k1-1 will be swabbed by a staff member or the school nurse
      1. Information regarding the testing procedures will be sent out by Nurse Beth, our teachers,  and posted on the school site
      1. If parents are hearing/seeing things online please feel free to reach out to the school with questions
      1. This process/protocol may be adjusted based on how this process plays out
  2. By-Laws
    1. Questions for Donna Lashus,
      1. Changing parent terms from 3 years to 2 years
        1. Stagger terms for parents, allows space for 1 year, 2 year, 3 year terms. Made it more accessible for new parents in the community with less experience
      1. Changing time of year we have our elections
        1. Be cautious holding elections too late in the year as that can take away the opportunity from new families joining your school to run
      1. Other things other schools have done to make being a parent rep more accessible
        1. Some schools have included language in their by-laws that explain the diversity of their school and how they are trying to have their groups reflect the school/student community and their identities
        1. Some schools have had parents more familiar with SSC/Parent Council mentor new parents
        1. Can help with and share some resources regarding on-boarding/training for parents
        1. Can’t really hold seats open on School Site Council (can hold an alternate), but can on parent council
        1. Be sure to have an intentional plan on how you are reaching out to community members of the demographics you are hoping to recruit
          1. The City Wide Parent Council has a great example of this
  3. Forming Sub-Committee for Hiring
    1. Morgan Hayward,
    1. Hiring for our School Social Worker
    1. School Nurse position is posted, but not available as it’s filled by Nurse Beth
    1. Family Liaison has not been posted yet, not a BPS position and will be filled later in the year
    1. Always anticipate 1-2 teacher openings each year
  4. Next Level of Work