Governing Board Meeting
Thursday, January 3rd 2019
Facilitators: Dr. Copeland/ Ms. Triplett
Time: 4:00-5:30
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Time Keeper: 

In attendance: Dr. Copeland, Tracy Triplett, Ezy Nwankwo, Kathyann Moody, Christian Dibble, Morgan Hayward, Patrick Donovan, Pilar Castro, Karen Perakis, Sachian Machon, Sean Greenhalgh, Caitlin Nelson, Kimmy Lee

Time Minutes Activity
4:00-4:10 10 Review Minutes from Last Meeting
4:10:4:50 40 Review Budget
4:50-5:00 10 Next- Steps


  1. Voting on Discretionary Fund
    1. Handout breaks down how much each category has
  2. Fund 100
  3. The homeless population is projected to increase to ~ 30 for next year
  4. School has control over $17,684.60
    1. Invest some money into technology
      1. Getting 5 more chromebook carts
      1. Save some money for smartboards and their maintenance
  5. Field Trips – $4,000
    1. Pays for the buses for transportation
  6. Fund 200
  7. Meta Compliance $71,472
    1. Fund for students that are English Language Learner (ELLs)
      1. LLI kits for ELLs
      1. Academy for ELLS (April) and that fund was used to pay the teachers
  8. Contracted Services $13,140.00
    1. JP Kids Art
  9. Sub line – amount is determined from Central Office and given to the school
    1. Trying to get a building sub – day to day needs
    1. Different for people that are/were on leave
  1. Partnerships Dollars
    1. City Year ~$10,000 per corps members
    1. City Connects ~$50,000
    1. Playworks ~ need to think about funding for Playworks because there isn’t enough money in the budget
  2. Some of the meta compliance money can go to City Connects – Victoria works with alot of families that are ELL. This money can only be used for supplies/materials that directly benefit ELLs.
  3. Question (PD) – can we make a case that City Year corps members are supporting students that are ELL?  This year corps members are not in the SEI classrooms.
  4. Partnership Dollars increased but the overall the budget remains the same.
  5. Since JFK is going to ELT – can get a 0.3 specialist
  6. Question (TT) – What will  the specialist be? Don’t really know. A lot of factors come into play – what would benefit our community and also fit the 0.3 citerica.
  7. Purchase as many supplies for next year (the basics – paper, inks).
    1. Possibly move the printer to the teachers lounge
    1. Would save money on personal ink – each grade has a printer right now.
  8. Possibly send out a survey about what teachers need.
  9. Fundraise so we can pay for Playworks.
    1. Dr. Copeland wants to keep Playworks. Think about partnership with colleges to fund playworks (BC, Northeastern)
  10. City Year – could possibly have less corps members. 6 is good but could be a way to cut cost.
  11. Next Steps:
    1. Looking at research/corporations that could fund Playworks
    1. February 28th next meeting