• Governing Board Meeting
  • Thursday, Feb 28th 2019
  • Facilitators: Dr. Copeland/ Ms. Triplett
  • Time: 4:00-5:30
Time Minutes Activity
4:00-4:10 10 Review Minutes from Last Meeting
4:10:4:20 10 Update on Grant Application
4:20-4:30 10 K-6 Expansion K-6 must exist within the current space Current population must be accommodated (SPED, ELL) Giving up feeder pattern to the Curley Letter of Intent by March 15th- Parent Member sign off,  Union Representative sign off Teacher Sign off
4:30-4:40 10 Partnership with Mendell and YMCA  Located at the Mendell July 8 to August 9th Focus Curriculum 20 Students from the JFK Recruiting Teachers from JFK and Mendell
4:40-4:50 10 Grant Opportunity Update Work in Groups
4:50-5:00 10  Next Steps


In attendance: Dr. Copeland, Tracy Triplett, Ezy Nwankwo, Karen Perakis, Sachian Machon, Caitlin Nelson, Martha Jones, Akua-Nia Francillon, Morgan Hayward

Budget Correction:

Specialist- from 0.3-0.8

Soft landing fund- $20,000 (based on performance) can be used at school’s discretion

Update on New Balance Grant:

  • Focus on childhood obesity
  • Target Boston, Lawrence and Maine
  •  Have given money to Playworks in the past.
  • Submitted letter of intent-waiting on response (should hear back soon)

K-6 Expansion:

  • Must exist within the current space
  • JFK will apply via letter of intent by 3/15
  • will lose feeder pattern to Curley
  • Students would then go to an exam school or 7-12
  • Space:
    • 2 more classrooms
    • LATF room
    • 1 science room
    • 4th grade SEI- due to low student enrollment in that class

Partnership with Mendell & YMCA:

  • located at the Mendell
  • 7/8-8/9, 8:00-6:00
  • based on Focus curriculum
  • rising 1-3 students
  • 20 JFK students
  • Students have to commit to all 5 weeks and will provide support to families after program concludes

Breakout Groups:


  • Dollar General $4000 software/technology
  • parent is looking into a grant for Playworks
  • teacher needs
  • Donor’s Choose- link on school website –
  • teachers submit list of supplies needed
  • Amazon Smile program


  • Swap Day (people will pay to set up tables) – weekend in May
  • Look up JP Mom’s list to ensure we aren’t competing with them
  • Talent Show – June
  • Field Day T-shirts
  • For next year…. Carnival

Next Steps:

  • Playworks Grant Follow Up
  • Update on K-6 Expansion
  • Update on JFK/ Mendell/YMCA Partnership