Dr. Christine Copeland is a proud graduate of the Boston Public Schools, where she has served students in a range of capacities for the last twenty years. Dr. Copeland began her career in education as an English teacher at her Alma Mater the Jeremiah E. Burke High School and has taught in several Boston schools as an English and Humanities teacher. Dr. Copeland has held leadership positions as a Program Director and Director of Curriculum and Assessment at the English High School; where she oversaw the English, ESL and History department. In a central office role, Dr. Copeland served as a member of the BPS Academic Response Team, supporting level three and level four schools to improve academic outcomes for all students.  Dr. Copeland, earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and American history from Bowdoin College, a Master’s degree from Harvard Graduate School of Education and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the Professional School Administrator Program at Boston College. Dr. Copeland has served as the principal of the John F. Kennedy Elementary since 2016.