JFK School Parent Council Meeting

  • December 13, 2019
  • 8:30am, Teacher’s Lounge


Tracy Triplett, Krista Magnuson, Morgan Hayward, Sara Smith, Muhamad Aden, Jen Douglas, Michell Juralewicz, Dave Juralewicz, Meredith Sandiford,


Introductions were made

Fundraising Updates

Boing Fundraiser: no official numbers yet, heard through the grapevine that we are probably around $300

Movie nights: logistics TBD on how to fundraiser. Use the popcorn machine. Possibly ask for donations at the door. Do we target the school community or the wider community? Possibly we could get around the copyright issue by charging for snacks and getting around the copyright issue. Is the goal to raise money or do a community building event? Suggestion is to do the first one as a community event free event. Do a fundraising pitch at the event and “pass the hat” Need a parent to volunteer to organize. Krista Magnuson volunteered to figure out the logistics (equipment, rights, logistics). Will report in January and we will pick dates and make plans

Community events – when we have these community events we should use that as a way to also make an appeal (flyers etc) to get people to come to the new event.
Frogmore fundraiser – people at Frogmore have said will host us and donate food. We need to pick a date (Monday or Tuesday). Will close off the bar area and donate food and then some portion of the bar tab will go to JFK. Tuesday might be easier because people forget what is happening on Mondays vs Tuesdays. Aiming for February 4 and 11 and will report back. Michelle J will follow up and see about picking a date.

Other fundraising ideas: would love to hear about them and any other fundraising ideas. Canary Square, Bella Luna, open to other suggestions

Beach Party

Plan Day for beach party – March(ish). 4, 18, 25. Tentatively have the 18th. Nadine volunteered via text to plan on 3/18

Superintendent meeting last month

Jen Douglas takeaways:

Hyde Square task force turned out in numbers. 1/3 there was teenagers and they participated and talked about their priorities. It was a very community minded group of people. The report back from the other tables had to do with equity issues at the schools. Youth voice was very welcomed by the people who were leading and there was a large turnout from the JFK. 7-8 families.

Powerpoint from meeting

School efforts to add 6th grade/esfuerzos de la escuela para añadir sexto grado

Dr. Copeland wants us to call Matt O’Malley for a 6th grade to be added to school. Krista Magnuson will help write a script and then we will send out to email list. (Will happen after Christmas.)

Update from citywide parent council/Actualización del consejo de padres de toda la ciudad

Sarah Smith:

There hasn’t been one since the last meeting so no updates to share. Superintendent came to last citywide council meeting. She answered some challenging questions from people. She was really committed to reducing the amount of time that people are testing. The process was that every kid would take the AWC test and then take again in 4th grade. It can be harmful to keep taking a test that they aren’t doing well on. She wants to find a way to keep people from feeling like they are failing year after year. If people want to take it they can. She sounded very interested in working with the parent council. Positive meeting overall. Chronicle Chanel 5 was filming the meeting.

School site council update/Actualización del consejo escolar

We are meeting next week on Thursday anyone is welcome to come 4 – 5:30.

Agenda will include things like changes in bylaws and breaking into committees to start talking about the work that we are undertaking. Fundraising committee and grant writing committee. Committee to focus on 6th grade expansion. BPS has set a plan of trying to have elementary schools go through to 6th grade. We have put in a request for our school to have a 6th grade class. It seems like it’s going slowly. Dr. Copeland would like our school community to be engaged. Looking for other parents to come and participate in the committees. Dr. Copeland will give a brief overview. There should be a brief overview of the budget.

Student Opportunity Act will go towards low income supports but there will still more work to do.

Any new business or parent concerns / Cualquier asunto nuevo o preocupación de los padres

Winter concert will we post photos?

The feedback Michelle got was as long as it’s group shots. Michelle is trying to find out how to get photo permissions and determine how to have more photos of actual children and on social to promote the school. Michelle is working on what the plan is.

Website is up and running and we are taking feedback on how to improve and make sure it has all the information there is useful to parents.

School Showcase is on Saturday.

Upcoming events / Próximos Evento

*Winter concert December 20/Concierto de invierno 20 de diciembre

*No school December 23 – January 3/No hay clases del 23 de diciembre al 3 de enero