On November 12 the Parent Council will be electing representatives to the JFK School Site Council. Every year the JFK Parent Council elects parent representatives to the School Site Council. These parent representatives are voting members of the School Site Council and are an integral part of the function and governance of the school.

 I Think it is important that all stakeholders have a voice on important issues facing the school community. Parents can bring a different perspective to an issue. Also they can add their knowledge and expertise to the discussions.I think it is a way for parents to get a clearer picture of how the school governs itself.I feel the SSC is a good place where we can all feel safe and respected while engaging in meaningful discussions.

Nancy Perakis, K2 Para and JFK Boston Teachers Union Representative

The JFK is a community-oriented school filled with teachers and staff that we as parents trust to help us educate and develop our children. By serving on the School Site Council, we parents play a critical role in ensuring that the overall school culture reflects our respective family and community values. And to this point, it is important that the School Site Council reflects the diverse makeup of our school.

Seth Kroll, K2 Parent and School Site Council Representative

Are you interested in the position?

We’ve put together a few commonly asked questions about the position. If you are interested and have more questions please email the parent council at JFKSPC@gmail.com and we can put you in touch with one of the current Parent Representatives.

What is the School Site Council?

The JFK School Site Council (SSC) is the central governing/advisory body at the JFK. It is composed of the Principal, parents, teachers, school staff, and community members.

The School Site Council:

  • Approves the discretionary spending budget
  • Develops and approves plans to increase parent involvement
  • Approves waivers to BPS rules and union contracts
  • Reviews and approves recommendations that will have a major impact on the school community

Why should I run as a parent representative on the School Site Council?

As an elected member of the School Site Council your voice (and vote) will have a direct impact on the school. This is a great way to get involved and connected with the school community.

How long is the term?

The term is three years for the representatives and one year for the alternate position.

How do I run for these positions?

You need to come (via Zoom) to the November 12 parent council meeting. At that meeting you can nominate yourself (or have someone nominate you). We will have a vote at that meeting. You must be at the November 12 meeting to run for the position. RSVP for November 12

I’ve never been to a School Site Council Meeting, can I still run?

YES, several of the current representatives joined their first year at our school. You do not have to have any experience.

What is the time requirement?

The School Site Council meets once a month. In the past it was on a Thursday, but given the current school schedule the dates and times have not been set yet. After the first meeting of the SSC all dates will be set based on the dates/times that will work for all of the members. You are not required to attend every meeting but the expectation is that you will attend as many as you can. Outside of the meetings you will have the opportunity to join committees and other working groups if you have the time and interest.

English is not my first language, can I still participate and be a representative on the parent council?

Yes! English does not have to be your first language. The school will work with you to provide appropriate interpretation at the meeting to make sure it’s accessible to all members of the school committee.

See you on November 12!

We hope to see you on November 12 at our next Parent Council Meeting. Dr. Copeland will be in attendance to check in with parents and we will be electing the School Site Council Parent Representatives. RSVP here